Thinking Gap

Amya A. ----- 12th Grade

When I am in agony
about life
my nose might scrunch up
and the water in my eyes
might tear a little. 

Most of the scars on my face
tell a lie about me
you’ll never know.

The strategy I go through everyday
when I look in the mirror is to smile
and be happy.
It was something I enjoyed
that swerved me past the tears
until my gap was noticeable

and then I came to love my smile even more.
I understand a gap is the beauty of beautiful
and angelic as doves.
In fact
my gap is so big a whole flock
of heavenly doves flies through it
every time I smile.

But sometimes when I think of mines
it corrupts to branches and leaves
thick as thieves.
Somebody could say your teeth are pretty
or maybe they aren’t
it’s just a different feeling
as the scars on my face
it shows the struggle of who stays up at night
thinking until 5 a.m.
but would you think I’m struggling?