There’s Company

PUBLISHED: August 2019

It was 5:00 PM, yet it was already pitch black outside. On top of that, it was raining very hard. I got on the elevator and clicked the 13 button. When I got off the elevator, I was walking toward my apartment when I saw my creepy neighbor come from the staircase and walk into her apartment. Then I wondered to myself why she always left her door open and always had her lights off. She also always wore black and had grey brittle hair, and she wore this old, almost torn-apart dress. She always had this creepy, ugly smile with one super-long tooth. I literally gagged. What if she got robbed? I thought to myself.

I pulled out my keys and opened my door. There was my beautiful white fluffy dog waiting for me on my couch. He ran up to me and licked me.

“Sorry I can’t walk you, it’s raining outside.” I put water and dog food into a doggie bowl. Then I turned Netflix on and lay on the couch with some popcorn. My dog hopped on the couch, and at some point we both fell asleep.

BOOM! I heard a loud noise next door. I was about to go outside but it was freezing so I decided to go to bed, but it seemed different. So I decided to go next door and see what was the problem.

As always the door was left wide open. I mean, I didn’t want to go in there without her permission, but it’s not a privacy invasion if I’m checking on her, right? I was going to turn around and go home when my dog ran in the house and I couldn’t just leave him there, so I went after him. Her house was empty and smelled like old lady perfume.

BOOM. The door closed. I paid it no mind at first because I was trying to look for my dog. It was almost impossible to find him because it was pitch black in her house. I heard my dog barking and I ran to the noise, but the closer I thought I got, the lower the noise got. I punched a wall in frustration and in fear. All of a sudden I felt a lick on my foot. I quickly picked him up and ran to the crack of light from the door. He left through the doggie door and so did I, but it wasn’t that easy. I felt a strong squeeze on my ankle pulling me back.

The owner of the house came out of the staircase and looked at me weirdly. She reached her hand out and tried to help me up.

“What’s in your house?” I asked curiously, as soon as I got up.

She looked at me with evil eyes and told me, “THERE’S COMPANY.”

Written by Kimberly Alcantara