The Slug Kingdom

PUBLISHED: January 23, 2015

Sitting in my desk staring off into space I think about the Slug Kingdom.
“King Slug!!” said one of King Slug’s servants. King Slug looked out of his window in his giant mushroom house.
“Oh no it’s Mulsuck!” thought the king. “Go down and escort Mulsuck up here,” the king said to his right hand man, Lenny.
When Lenny returned with Mulsuck, Mulsuck screamed, “My king, the queen has been taken by Lord Salzar Spider!”
The king’s eyes widened. “Lenny, set up the knights and the flies!” Flies are their version of horses.
By the time the king got out of his mushroom house, all the flies and knights were ready. “My knights, my queen has been taken by Lord Salzar Spider. We must get the queen back and return for a feast!” he said.
The knights hollered, “Ayeee!!”.
When they got to the palace, they found the queen already free; so they snuck her back home for a feast of palm leaves!

Written by Uma C.

Uma C.

AGE 10