The Rainbow Friends the Movie

Lucas D. ----- Age 8

From the publication

"Cartoons for All Eternity"

In the beginning, Red the creator is making the animatronic evil. He was working in his lab. He created the endoskeleton. It was a little kid’s birthday. He was watching TV. They went to the Rainbow Friend’s playplace. The ticket-taker saw that the Rainbow Friends were evil. The people were at the Rainbow playplace. The show was beginning. The show was starting. They danced and played music. The Rainbow friends started to turn evil. The kids got closer to the stage. They had wide eyes. The kids followed the animatronics. The birthday kid found an animatronic friend. Orange was chasing a person. He was running. She threw an orange and his arm fell down. The little kid’s mom bought a stick so they could kill animatronics. They defeated green.