The Puzzle

Katelyn P. ----- 13

I am flexible
I wonder who I am
I hear other people describing who I am
I see myself in the mirror
I want to know who I truly am, am I as sweet as jam?
Am I as stubborn as a bull?
Am I as fragile as a glass?
I am someone.

I pretend to be confident, bold, and reliable
I feel like a multicolor palette
I touch others’ hearts unintentionally whenever
they’re down
I worry others see me as too flexible
I cry for those who feel as confused as I do
I am an unfinished puzzle.

I understand almost everyone once I know them,
A bittersweet curse of empathy
I say words of reassurance to friends
I dream for the day I am fully confident in who I am
I try to put together pieces that don’t fit together
I hope the puzzle will be finished someday
I am Katelyn.