The Perfect World

PUBLISHED: November 19, 2019

I live in a world that is perfect. Everything goes seamlessly; nothing ever goes wrong. The train and bus arrive exactly on schedule, not a minute or second early or behind. The stop signs turn red exactly every 37.58986 seconds. It is seamless. Nothing ever goes wrong, and that is something we all enjoy. The sidewalk is always clean, the money is shiny, and the trees are green. Everything goes the way we desire.

Even though our life is perfect, we hate it. We wish the world would be different every second of our life. When we wake up, we hope that today is better than the last. We want the slightest thing to change and be different. We find a way to see how imperfect our world is. Every second of our life we want something different. Our demands change constantly; the world cannot keep up. When we want something and that demand is met, we change what we want. Therefore, we never get what we want. We always get something we wanted in the past.

We want the world to be constantly changing. Without change, the world is boring and dull. Nothing new or exciting ever happens. We are unhappy with what perfection is. It does not follow what the definition is. The world will never become what we wish it would.

The world will always have a flaw even if the flaw is the smallest anyone can imagine. It could be the unevenness of the road. The world is imperfect to the people who live in it. Perfection is not as perfect as the word seems.

Written by Kai Caothien

Kai Caothien

AGE 13