The Monster and the Girl

PUBLISHED: October 6, 2015

Once upon a time, there was a family. Mom, Dad, girl, and boy. They were all sleeping. The girl was having a scary dream about a monster coming after her. It had long nails, very very sharp teeth. Then she woke up. She looked around. Then she said to herself, "It's just a dream." So she went back to sleep. Then she felt something touching her leg. She woke up again. There was still nothing there. So she went back to sleep. Then she felt something scratching her leg. She felt the pain. So she woke up...The monster was right in her face. It was the monster she dreamed about. It started dragging her. She was screaming. Then her brother woke up. He looked out the window. He saw his sister being dragged by the monster, so he ran after them. When he caught up to his sister, he pulled her. The monster pulled her leg until it came off. Then the monster pushed the boy down the hill and set off. The boy was rolling down the hill, bumping into every rock. When he stopped he was so hurt and was bleeding a lot. So when he tried to get up, he fell down. Then he fainted. When the mother woke up she found her son gone. Also, her daughter's leg was on her bed. When they went to look for the children, they found the son. But the girl was gone.

Written by Manal E.

Manal E.

AGE 11