The Melting Headache

PUBLISHED: September 2018

Jorge lives a tough life. He has to get up with the sun every morning to take on his workingman’s duties at M.S. 88. To get there, he walks thirty long minutes through Brooklyn where his friends all shout, “Hey, Jorge.”

It’s a good life, but sometimes all of the noise in the early morning gives Jorge a headache. On this Tuesday in particular, Jorge has been up late ironing his jacket and combing his hair when the morning comes around and blasts his eyes. His head is aching, but he has a job to do. He begins his walk to school and the cold air makes his headache worse. But he has one job, so he continues to the block where his friends yell, “Hey, Jorge,” again. His head aches so much that he can barely say “hey” back.

It continues to ache and ache as he walks more and more blocks while crazy New York drivers honk and swerve until, finally, Jorge arrives at M.S. 88 with his head aching so tremendously that it melts to the floor. After Jorge’s head melts, the teacher throws Jorge in the trash can, and when his body hardens up his body looks like a bucket.
Jorge’s life as a bucket is horrible. People even want to plant a plant on him and he has to yell, “I’m a kid, not a bucket.” Jorge eats regular food and his favorite food is fish. One time he tries to tell his mother to give him fish, and she starts screaming because she gets scared, and he sees his friends but never plays with them, and that’s it.

Written by Jorge F.

Jorge F.

AGE 13