The Disastrous Christmas

PUBLISHED: December 3, 2019

One windy and stormy night at the North Pole, the last week before Christmas, all the elves, workers, and reindeer were getting ready for Christmas.

Every elf was important and special, but one elf didn’t think he was special. His name was Junior. He would always mess things up, like when Santa Claus sent him to feed the reindeer and he fed them rotten carrots! Another time when he was supposed to stack Christmas presents in the shape of a triangle, he felt like it wasn’t right. Instead, he stacked them into a stack that looked like a dinosaur! In sooner than no time they all fell.

Santa had no choice but to fire poor Junior. Junior started to pack his bags, but then his elf friend with red hair, Isabelle, stopped him. Isabelle was very clever and slick.

“Where are you going?” she asked Junior.

“I’m not a worker anymore,” Junior sadly replied.

He turned away and walked toward the door.

“Wait!” screamed Isabelle. Junior turned around and said, “Goodbye.” Then he told all the other elves goodbye.

Suddenly, Cody, the rudest, most annoying elf, stopped Junior.

“You forgot your underwear,” he exclaimed loudly as a joke. All the elves laughed at Junior, except for Isabelle. Junior was embarrassed, and his cheeks turned red. Junior finally exited the room and went outside into the cold.

Junior heard his name called from the doorway. It was Joseph, the smartest elf. He handed Junior a flare to help guide him on his journey. Junior started walking out through the Candy Cane Gate. Santa watched him leave. After many hours in the cold, he found the Yeti! Junior started freaking out! The Yeti invited Junior to come to live with him in his snowy cave, and Junior calmed down. Junior said yes. And they lived happily ever after!

Written by Justin A.

Justin A.

AGE 10