The Big Scary Mountain

PUBLISHED: January 9, 2014

One day I was climbing up a mountain in New York State, north of New York City. I was with my dad and my sister, Uma. We were almost at the top of the mountain and I got scared. I was scared because I was about to fall off. My sister, Uma, was almost at the top of the mountain, too. She wasn't scared. We were going to go down the other side, but there was no other side, just a cliff. We would have to go back the way we came.
"We're almost at the top of the mountain!" said Uma and my dad.
"Okay!" I replied.
We climbed up a little tip of the rock, but I fell off the rock. I rolled down until a tree stopped me. It was fun rolling down.
I said, "Thank you, tree!" Then we climbed up the tree. From the top of the tree I saw the view. There was a big lake with ducks. We also saw a deer. We climbed down the tree and then I fell again. I almost got hurt. One of the rocks stopped me from falling all the way down the mountain. Phew! When we finally got to the bottom I said, "That was an exciting and scary mountain!".
"I want to go back to that mountain!" said Uma.
I never want to go back there again.

Written by Milo C.

Milo C.