Subway Surfer

Dallas M. ----- Age 9

From the publication

"Monsters Just Want to Dance"

Jake is going to eat a ham and cheese sandwich. A guard dog and a subway surfer then came towards him. He runs out the store. Jake runs out with his skateboard. He falls. The dog chases after him. He jumps towards Jake. He grabs the leash, then the dog tries to get away but Jake won’t let go. The dog runs then Jake eats his sandwich but then the dog takes the sandwich. 

“Ay!” he yelled. “You little dog!!!” Jake said, “I have three dollars now. You! Are! Dead! Meat!” The dog runs. Jake grabs the collar but he ate the whole thing. “What did you do to my ham? Fine, you can go. I am sorry.” Then the dog let him pet him. 

“Hey meet me at the pizza shop guys,” said Jake on the phone. He gets pizza, but then his mom comes and takes him home. In his room, he grabs his bat and BOOM BOOM BOOM BAM! He broke open the vent and escaped his room. He got his pizza and his skateboard and he goes into the vent. And his mom throws the hat into the vent. Jake said, “What are they doing? What!” The police thought it’s a rat. 

“Yikes! I hear something in there. Is that a burglar? Get him NOW!” BAM! Police shot a taser. 

“What?” Kick, oof, jump. “NO! Ow! Run, it’s him!”

“Now let’s eat,” said Jake. He took out a pizza from his pocket. “Man, this is good! Let’s go to the skate park.”