The Smartest Place in NYC

Ruby T. ----- 5th Grade

Do you like reading? I do! Do you like libraries? I do! Do you like being smart? I do! That is why one of my favorite places in New York City is the Central Library of the Brooklyn Public Library system. It is the main branch of all the libraries in Brooklyn. One of the smartest places in NYC! It has more than 285,000 books! It is a HUGE building, 352,000 square feet. They did an art exhibition about Jay-Z where they painted the WHOLE building in a Jay-Z way and they had lots of Jay-Z informational items. There are three floors. The 1st has the entrance, a small cafe, the books that are on hold, the bathroom, a recording studio, the kids section, and SO MUCH MORE! There are HELPFUL people everywhere. On the 2nd is the adult section with adult books and computers. The 3rd has a staff office and the Art and Music department.

The library is important to me because I have so many fun memories there. I remember when I would walk with my parents into the library, pick out any book, and read it. I remember how the librarians would do exciting read-alouds. Sometimes, there were even drag queen story hours where a drag queen would share an inspirational book. Also, there are books on everything (even Mr. Beast). I’m too big for the play areas, but when I was little, it was a blast. I used to always go straight for the play area, practically hopping my way there. I’m a Girl Scout and one of my busiest cookie sales was when I sold in front of the amazing library. One of my favorite books is El Deafo. It is about a kid who gets sick and loses her hearing!! It is so good. All of the books in the library are SO GOOD! Everytime I go there, I pick up a handful of books, sit down, and open a good one. When I walk into the library, I am excited. I know that there will be so many opportunities to learn and have fun. This is why the library is important to ME!

The Brooklyn Central Library is important to NYC because it fills Brooklyn, New York with knowledge. It makes the world smarter!! It makes me smarter! Libraries are also socially active places. Friends meet up, unhoused people can spend time there, and a kid or adult can use computers if they don’t have internet at home. The library includes lots of programs, too. One of the most recent programs for teenagers across the US is called “Unbanned Book.” Through this program, any teenager can get a Brooklyn Library card and take out any books, including ones banned where they live. If you thought this was exciting, there is also a fashion show every year called “The People’s Ball” where anyone can come and walk the runway. Lastly, there are bathrooms for all genders, a family restroom, gender neutral, women and men’s bathroom. This is how the library helps everyone in many ways from making people smarter to helping people with not a lot of money to spend.

To conclude my essay, this is why the Brooklyn Central Library is a fun, knowledgeable place where people can learn more about everything or everyone, and there are books and activities for any and every age. It can make you feel happy when you’re feeling dismayed. It makes you feel joyful when you’re feeling anything else. It is a comfortable, relaxed place where anyone can learn and read. It is one of the smartest places in NYC.