Riding. Yelling. Munching. Splashing. Running. Biking. Singing. Welcome . . . to Coney Island.

PUBLISHED: June 15, 2021

It’s a magical place for people of all ages. It has the most fun and exciting rides in the whole world. There is the Cyclone, a fast deep-diving ride. A spinning teacups ride, enjoyable for younger kids, and one with spinning airplanes. One with a spinning circle takes you from one side of a smiley face to the other. And one turns you upside down and around and around like a clock that was sped up.

Not a ride person? I’ve got you covered.

Perhaps you would be interested in playing arcade games and carnival games. I don’t know how you could say no to that, but if you still have mixed feelings about it I don’t see how you could say no to a lick or two of chocolate, cookies and cream, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, or strawberry ice cream kindly dropped from heaven. Or a cheeseburger made of life.

If you are still here reading this, I wonder if you even deserve to go somewhere as fun as Coney Island. But I suppose I can forgive you if you are excited about laying on a blanket on the beach, with the sun shining on you, drinking lemonade, and eating potato chips.

Now it feels like I’m trying to convince myself to go to Coney Island. I hope you are interested in going swimming, in the waves, and splashing and getting enjoyment out of that. After all, who (except you) couldn’t get enjoyment out of that? Right? If Coney Island still doesn’t sound fun enough for you, there is an aquarium right nearby that you could go to if you are interested in watching and learning about aquatic animals. I give up.

Written by Nyo Kai Keenan Gathing

Nyo Kai Keenan Gathing

AGE 5th grade