Ocean Lies

Marium A. ----- 6th Grade

Mia’s mom has always told Mia to never go near the water. But one day Mia was fed up with “don’t go near the water” and “water is dangerous!” She decided to go into the ocean by her house and jumped in. She couldn’t hold her breath long. But as soon as she only had a second left, she felt connected.

Is this what’s supposed to happen? Help! She got a gasp of air and closed her eyes. She felt like she had…scales on her legs?!  So she opened her eyes and saw the craziest thing ever. She had a mermaid tail. Mia opened her mouth and said, “I’m a flippin’ mermaid?” She had a rainbow tail and top. She swam in between the coral and back. Then she finds an underwater castle. One girl comes out from the top and swims over to her. 

“Hey! I don’t think I’ve seen you before. What’s your name?” she said. 

“Hi, I’m Mia. What’s your name?” Mia said.

“Lea my name is Lea,” Lea said. They shake hands. “Do you want me to show you around these reefs?” Lea asked. 


She showed her the Swimbrarry (the library), the shore, the park and her place. Mia looked at her watch. 

“Ooh, it’s late. I have to go before my…”  


“Mom, I know about your secret.”

“What secret? Heh heh I-I don’t know w-what you’re talking about.”

“You don’t have to hide it, it’s okay”

“Fine, you got me. I HAVE joined a witch club.” 

“No wonder I’ve been seeing someone like you! I thought it was your turn sis. But, that’s not what I know.” 

“What secret do you know then?”

“Code Mermaid.” 

“What?!?!? You have DISOBEYED ME. You are being–”

“FINE! AT LEAST I CAN DO TIKTOX WHENEVER I WANT!”  Mia goes off and slams her bedroom door. 


Mia’s Bio: Mia Woods (she/her) is a mermaid /human  If she could choose which she had to be forever, it would be a mermaid.