My Brother is Crazy

PUBLISHED: January 15, 2015

My brother is so crazy and mad. There is a little smile on his face when he plays, helps my mom, and does his homework. One day he said, “Help me do my homework.” I said, “No.” So he started his homework on his own. His smile was crazy. His teeth were white, sharp, and the bottom were a little black between the cracks. He said to the wall, “ You are mean.” And then he said to me, “You are no better.” My brother dropped his pencil and tried to start a fight with me, and I kicked him. I called out, “Mommy, Mommy.” My dad came and saw my brother fighting with me. And my dad said, “Stop it, Keven.” My mom came too and screamed, “Stop it, Keven.” My dogs came and said, “bark, bark, ruff, ruff,” and scratched Keven. Keven got scared and started to cry. The dogs cried because they felt bad. But my brother was still angry.

He finally finished his homework and his face was still crazy. He looked at me with a funny face. He opened his eyes, opened his mouth, and made a funny sound. I tickled him, he laughed, and I made a funny face. My funny face was funny. I made a monkey face with big eyes, a small mouth, and “ooooh, ooooh, ahhh, ahhhh” sounds. My brother was laughing, laughing, laughing. My dogs were barking, barking, barking at the two of us. And my brother and I both were funny and crazy.

Written by Leslie M.

Leslie M.