How Emma Left Home

PUBLISHED: February 5, 2015

Emma the Dog left home and went to the store. Then, Emma ate the store’s dog food. Another dog was at the store and barked at Emma. Then, everyone saw her eating the dog food from the store. The man chased her all the way to the playground.

“Come back here!”

Emma hid behind the slide. The man went away. Emma bumped into a girl named Daisy who took her to Dog Land.

Daisy said to Emma, “This is where you belong.”

Then Emma met new friends. Kelly the Yorkie became her best friend. They chased each other and took a nap together.

Daisy came back and took Emma with her. She asked, “How did you like Dog Land?”

“Well, I met new friends there. Their names were Kelly, Diana, and Mia. But I have old friends named Lis and Dayanara. I miss them. Can you take me to them?”

Written by Lisbeth M.

Lisbeth M.

AGE 10