Helen, GA

PUBLISHED: January 29, 2015

This summer my favorite place I went to was Helen, GA. I really liked going to Helen. There are all of these little shops, which are brightly painted. They are affordable. My family and I went to Helen because there was supposed to be an amazing mountain to hike on (we never actually got to hike it). We were only supposed to stay there for the night and the next day. The only problem was we didn’t have any clothes for the next day. My brother and I had only brought my bathing suit, but we just went with it. My mom had to go buy my sister clothes.
When we first got there we went to go reserve a hotel room. On the way there, we saw a river. In it we saw a lot of doughnut shaped floaties. After we went to the hotel and dropped everything off. We went to a Mexican restaurant. I ate rice, beans, chips, salsa, and chile relleno (I love Mexican food).
When we finished eating we went tubing in a river called Chattahoochee River. I really liked tubing there! Even though I kept on falling off. The river didn’t seem that deep, but it really wasn’t. But it had really strong currents at parts. So when I fell off I couldn’t stand up again. And when Mom was drifting away I just kept on falling off. At the end I got a cut on my leg which hurt but was worth it.
After we had dinner, we went swimming in the hotel’s pool (until 1am) and we started swimming around 7pm. Around 11pm everyone else in the pool left. But, before that happened, at 10pm a frog sneaked in. I screamed my head off. The frog was an ugly greenish brownish color. It looked disgusting. It kept on croaking and trust me it was loud. There was this other kid that was also in the pool and he just got up, grabbed it and put it in some nearby bushes. Helen was a real adventure.

The End!

Written by Luna G.

Luna G.

AGE 13