Edwin On The Moon

Edwin S. ----- 9

In 10 years, I will live in a dog house on the moon. I will eat a lot of beans with cheese. There’s no sink on the moon and no bathroom, so I will just go to the bathroom anywhere on the moon. I asked NASA to fix it!

I found lipstick on the moon. I made a funny joke and posted it on YouTube. I laugh a lot and play Fortnite. I run around the moon with my imaginary friend whose name is Dogboy. He’s very small. We fell back to Earth when I pushed him. Luckily, there was a trampoline on Earth. I was fine but I moved the trampoline after I landed and Dogboy hurt himself. He bumped his head and broke his leg. So I dragged him to the hospital but there was nothing they could do to save him. I didn’t make a new imaginary friend.

I went back to the moon. I played my video games in peace. I played Fortnite there. The moon has free Wi-Fi!