Emmanuel W. ----- 17

All the sounds of people are gone. Nature seems to be running just fine. It actually looks beautiful outside but it’s unnerving because of the lack of people and sound that normally comes from a loud city environment. I don’t miss tastes much because I’ve been eating pretty often. I would say that it smells pretty much the same.

The most unnerving part about all of this like I’ve mentioned before is the lack of sounds. It’s almost like people outside my house have gone extinct. What’s more unsettling is that every time I do hear a sound, it’s just ambulance noises. It seems almost like the grim reaper. It’s really unsettling. It makes things feel eerier when the only sound you hear is one associated with danger. It’s like waking up one day and realizing everyone is gone; except they aren’t and, in reality, everyone is just overcome with fear because something they don’t understand is threatening their average routine of everyday life.

I feel like all of this makes it feel like the world really is ending. The fear of the people and the paranoia of the uneducated play a huge part in this whole thing. It’s basic human nature to be afraid of something you can’t comprehend. Unfortunately, most of our society is made up of people who listen to what the media spoon-feeds them. Or people who reject help from those with knowledge. Everyone just seems complacent with our current state of life and it bothers me that it just seems like the world is ending. Everyone is just waiting for the next problem in this world and it is truly disturbing that people are ok with this.