Circus of Fears

Zee R. ----- 8th Grade

Chapter 1: Welcome to the circus

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the greatest night of your lives! A night full of fear! A night full of excitement! A night full of possibly love? Well come on over! There are concessions in your lap, Water is… elsewhere, and your excitement is right inside of you! The show is starting in 5 minutes,  showtimes are on the hour, not a minute before and not a minute later! Have a lovely time and I welcome you to the Circus Of Fear!


I jolt awake, covered in sweat. That was the 3rd week mark of having these dreams. Someone mentioned in my history class once said ¨Dreams are nothing but the mind’s plague¨ or something like that, well I guess it’s true. ¨LUXA GET UP RIGHT NOW YOU´RE GOING TO MISS THE BUS!¨ It is 6:00 AM, if anything the night school bus should be dropping kids back home by now. Well, I might as well get up anyway. I think. I get up, go over to my beat up, second hand dresser and get somewhat matching clothes to put on. On my way out, I debated bringing my hat, but I decided to bring it for all time’s sake. I enter the dining room and am immediately hit with the disgusting stench of booze. The source of the stench is my man-child of a brother, Quintin. In the kitchen is my dead-beat mother, Elaine, and a mess. This is going to be a fun day.