Samuel W. ----- 16

From the publication

"The Big Book of IFs"

Bobo is my bestest friend ever! He kind of looks like a hamster, but with tall legs like a human! He is very fuzzy and has a round belly with an oval underbelly. He is always warm to hug and looks funny and cute. His arms are very short, but they make him so cute and like a hamster! Bobo wears this weird blob hat with eyes that look in two different ways. He has short arms and wears a pair of shorts that have a weird top shape. There is a heart on the left side. I heard he drew the heart on himself! I love seeing him everyday. He is very clumsy because the hat always falls over his eyes and it makes him fall. He falls a lot while running because his hat is squishy. It is so fun to touch. 

Bobo loves all food, but ice cream is one of his favorites. His most liked ice cream flavor is strawberry. He loves both strawberries and strawberry ice cream. But, he cannot eat a lot of ice cream because it makes his tummy hurt. He also loves smoothies. Bobo loves to make smoothies for his friends but sometimes he forgets to put in his favorite: strawberries! Bobo gets very sad when he finds out a smoothie does not have strawberries inside. His hat deflates when he gets sad. His hat feels like a part of him. Bobo never takes his hat off. Bobo loves to relax and eat. He thinks the best way to spend a day is by eating food while reading a book. He loves to eat food. Food is Bobo’s favorite activity. He eats whenever he wants; when he is sad, when he is happy, when he is angry. Bobo loves to eat sandwiches. They always make him happy. Everyone loves sharing sandwiches with Bobo because he is kind to everyone. Bobo trades smoothies to people for a sandwich. He loves sandwiches of every kind. He loves to eat sandwiches and ice cream while reading a good book. He is very lazy sometimes and falls asleep while reading. But it is okay. We all feel tired sometimes. He is so soft to lay on when I sleep. Bobo is the cutest and furriest IF I have ever met! He is my bestest friend ever.