Being a King and a Beast

Kai C. ----- 10

If I could be any animal, I would be a rabbit. I would have the name Furry because I have lots of fur. I want to be a rabbit because I could be a household pet or a wild animal. On a normal day I would get pet and fed all day like a king. Once in a while I would scurry out of the house, go into the woods, and be wild. I would not be a king, but I am still a beast, ruling my territory!

After a few days in the wild, while my owner is about to buy another rabbit, I scurry back home, just in the nick of time. As a wild animal, I have lots of friends. A household pet has no friends. I eat carrots and grass. I love being a wild animal, but a household pet is better. Being a king is better than being a beast.