The Adventures of Nutriman and Junkster

PUBLISHED: September 2017

One Monday night in the month of May.
“Man, today for lunch was salted french fries and greasy burgers, but tomorrow is going to be a festive, fresh, yet healthy, Taco Tuesday,” said Dylan (otherwise known as Nutriman) in his bed. He can’t believe how people’s faces are going to be when he brings out the tacos.
The next morning, Dylan went to class with his friend Josh. “Wow, man, it’s already fifth period, five minutes until lunch,” said Josh.
“I can’t wait,” said both Josh and Dylan at the same time.
“Okay,” said Dylan with a tingly feeling in his throat, “I have to go use the bathroom, see you at lunch, Josh.”
“See you later … Nutriman, ha ha ha!” Josh muttered and cackled under his breath.
Dylan came out of the bathroom wearing his suit. “This is a job for Nutriman!” he said. He walked into the lunchroom and there he saw everybody groaning and holding their stomachs. “What happened to you?” Dylan asked a fellow classmate.
“Some guy in spandex tights came and put junk food and fried foods on our plate. I took a bite and it felt good, but it also hurt my stomach. We ate more but it made it worse. Ahhh,” his classmate said as he was in pain.
“Who could have possibly done this,” Dylan said. Dylan saw Josh walking to the lunchroom. “Fellow citizen,” Dylan said in a manly voice. “Why aren’t you sick and groaning like them?”
“Uhh … because I am a vegetarian, yeah, I’m a vegetarian and didn’t eat that food,” said Josh.
“Okay, thank you, sir,” said Dylan. He went home and thought about who had done this. “Hmm … Ant Man … Red Fury … Dr. Sickmania? Who could it be?” said Dylan.
The next day at school, Dylan thought about it. “Well … Josh did sound like he was cackling, and I did get a tingly feeling in my throat when I was talking to him, but why would my best friend do this?” he asked himself. “It’s time to crack this case and find out who did this. I need help and I know just the right person: Captain Nutritional, a good friend of mine.”
Nutriman talked to Captain Nutritional. Captain Nutritional said, “The plan can be that I would offer Josh junk food to give to the kids, which would actually be kale brownies”
“Got it,” said Nutriman.
In the cafeteria, Nutriman said, “Cap, come on.”
“I checked fingerprints and it’s either your friend Josh or some kid named David,” said Captain Nutritional.
“What?! Maybe it is Josh. But Josh has been my friend since kindergarten,” Nutriman.
“Ha ha,” said Junkster (aka Josh) walking up to them.
“I can’t believe it is Josh, and not only that, but the plan has been foiled,” said Nutriman.
“Attack him head on,” said Captain Nutritional with a confident voice.
“Nutriblast!” shouted Nutriman as he blasted fresh greens and beans at Junkster.
“Give me the power of calcium,” said Captain Nutritional, also aiming greens at Junkster.
“Ahhh! The vitamins have destroyed me!” yelled Junkster. “Don’t worry, Nutriman and Captain Nutritional, more villains will come and avenge me. Avenge, I say! Avenge!” yelled Junkster.
“Josh, no,” said Nutriman.
“It’s over,” said Captain Nutritional. The day was saved. Vitamins, nutrients, and calcium were restored back to the food in the cafeteria. Everything was healthy again.

Post Credit Scene

“Don’t worry Nutriman, I’m coming for you,” said an anonymous villain. “Muhahaha!”

Nutriman and Captain Nutritional will return!

Written by Saeed B., East Harlem Writers' Room