A Puppy

Leslie M. ----- 7

A puppy was happy. She was pretty. Her name was Daisy. One day, she was reading a book and and doing her homework. A boy came. He was a puppy. He asked to play with Daisy. Daisy said, “Yes.” The boy’s name was Dragon. Dragon and Daisy played tag. Then Daisy fell down and broke her leg. And Dragon helped her to walk. Then they went home and Dragon took Daisy to the doctor. The doctor was also a dog. The doctor’s name was Anna. She was white with black circles. Ana checked Daisy’s leg and Dragon took her home. That made Daisy feel better.

They played again and they were happy.

They both live in Brooklyn. Daisy’s job is to take care of babies. Dragon’s job is to help people. He says, “Do you want help?” And Daisy loves him for helping a lot of people.

Dragon went one time to ask someone if they needed help, and the other person said yes. He carried their things to their house and they were very happy. Then he went home.

But Daisy’s leg is still broken leg. Because of this, she can’t work. So Anna is taking care of the babies for her. Anna knows everything about the babies, so she doesn’t need to ask for Daisy to teach. It takes two weeks for Daisy’s leg to heal.

When it is healed, Daisy goes back to taking care of babies and Anna goes back to being a doctor. Dragon celebrates her healed leg by getting dinner for her. They eat together and have a lot of fun.

The End