A Planet Called Exile

Zee R. ----- 14

In a tavern surrounded by a dry, desert-like environment, everyone has anklets that itch terribly. Earth is something of legend, with only descendents of escapees knowing the tales of Earth. Our characters are on a planet called Exile, in a little town called Oasis. We are all in a tavern called Sheik Shakes. Adam (aka Iguana Man), the dragonborn, tries to melt his anklet using his dragon breath but ends up burping acid, spraying everyone.

Mordai (the fabulous Tiefling) decides to hit Adam over the head with a barstool. Mordai takes The Worm (A.K.A. the nameless halfling), Popeye (Wish version of Bald Eagles), and Matron (the cyborg) outside to go check out some of the other facilities. They talk to Burgundy (the rat) and he informs them of the bounties of the day and colors them intrigued.

The group, with the exception of Adam (still salty) is getting ready to go to sleep for the night. Popeye and Mordai share a nest for the night to preserve body heat. Morning comes, and along with it the heat returns. Mordai asks Popeye to give her an aerial view but they can’t see anything due to the sand.

The group decides to leave the desert, but before that Mordai miraculously gets the vending machine working. Popeye and Mordai buy a credit card…and then Mordai gets a knife and a healthpack, and Adam gets a knife, bow and arrows, and a healthpack. Mordai gives the knife to The Worm. Popeye tries to return the credit card, but eventually realizes his attempts are futile (major L my dude). Everyone starts heading out towards the sun (east), while Adam heads northwest in search of a legendary manticore.