Everything you ever wanted to know about 826NYC. Or at least most of it.

Why does creative writing matter? 

Have you ever had to tell a story? About orcs and wizards? Or maybe it was about a transformative moment for a college application? A new idea you had to share with stakeholders? 

Creative writing develops skills around personal expression and communication, not to mention flexing those imagination muscles. When young people write with 826NYC, they are also learning the structure and mechanics of good writing that will serve them throughout life. And creative writing improves social-emotional outcomes that are key to personal and professional success, like confidence, self-reflection, persistence, and self-fulfillment.

Who can participate in your programs? 

826NYC focuses on serving young people from underserved and marginalized communities. Young writers from all communities are invited to participate in our Write Away Workshops, including Dungeons & Dragons & Writers and Write All About It. If you have questions on whether your student qualifies for Write After School or our Teen Writers’ Collective, please e-mail programs@826nyc.org.

Why is 826NYC called 826NYC? 

826NYC is part of the 826 Network, a chapter-based system of ​​youth writing centers. The first 826 was founded in 2002 at 826 Valencia Street in San Francisco by Niníve Caligari and Dave Eggers and was called 826 Valencia. Two years later, we founded 826NYC. The 826 Network also includes 826LA, 826 Michigan, 826CHI, 826 Boston, 826DC, 826 New Orleans, 826MSP, and 826 National, which operates 826 Digital. Together we strive to inspire the next generation of young writers. 

Is there a reason you also run the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.? 

826 storefronts are imaginative portals that our students cross before opening up our secret door and entering the writing center. It is where the community can learn about our programs, sign up for a volunteer orientation, or buy a unique gift that supports youth writing programs. The first store was born of necessity. 826 Valencia was zoned for retail, so of course, they opened up The Pirate Supply Co.

New York City has a rich history with the superhero community. It only made sense that we would open the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. Come by and test a cape.