AUTHOR: Williamsburg After-School Students  |  AGE 6-18

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Candy Galaxy By Dorian V., age 9

If a washing machine was a portal, I would use it to go to the candy galaxy because I love candy. There would be slides that are made of candy, and you could eat the candy, but every time that you ate a candy in 3 seconds a new candy appears. And every time that it gets dark the candy will turn into beds. If you feel lonely the candy will turn into people and then you could play with your candy friends. You could have a candy party with your candy friends. And then you could slide down all of the slides. You could invite as many people as you want, because you could just say “Candy!” and a lot of candy will turn into people!

If I Could Transport Anywhere By Jilverto C., age 10

If I could transport to anywhere I could go to Florida. Why? Because I have never been there and I could go to the beach. It would always be sunny there and warm. I would live there. I would like Florida more because I could visit the volcanos and the beaches and the restaurants. I would also visit Disney World. I would transport to Florida by just thinking about it, I would be there in seconds.

The Doll By Vanessa C., age 10

There was once a girl whose name was Emma. She was 11 years old and loved playing with dolls. One day Emma was exploring her neighborhood and found a shop that sold dolls that she had never seen before. Emma stared at the dolls on display. There was one doll in particular that she loved instantly. It was a doll that looked just like her, it had blond hair with a white pale face. She was about to go inside but she heard someone call to her. It was a group of older kids from her school. They were trying to warn her not to buy a doll. They said, “Haven’t you heard the story of Jackeline?”
“No,” Emma replied.
“Well,” said one of the boys, “Jackeline also loved dolls. So she bought a doll from this shop. Then her parents went on a trip and she was all alone. Three days later they found her dead. They all blame the doll.”
Emma didn’t believe them, and went inside the shop anyway. The boy said, “You’ll regret this later on, Emma!”
Emma just ignored him. Emma took the doll and paid the cashier. As Emma left the shop the cashier whispered, “Beware.”
When Emma got home she found a note saying her parents were going to be gone all night. Emma invited her best friend Ruby over to play with her new doll. All of a sudden the doll scratched Ruby’s face. Ruby started bleeding! Emma put the doll away in the closet and cleaned Ruby’s face. Ruby was left with a big scratch on her cheek.
Eventually the girls went to sleep. Ruby fell fast asleep, but Emma couldn’t sleep at all. She had this weird feeling that someone was watching her. Then she sat up in bed she saw that the closet door was open and the doll was gone. So she got out of bed and searched the house looking for her doll. She found the doll standing on the kitchen counter, with Ruby’s blood still on her hands. Written on the wall next to the doll was, “I’m Coming for You!” The next day her parents came back and searched the house for Ruby and Emma, but all they could find was Emma’s doll.

The Sloth Who Was Desperate to Get Home Nathalie GP., age 10

There was a sloth named Sammy who was desperate to get home, but he was five miles away from home. “I don’t remember the way home! My mom said to be home for dinner. It’s going to take days for me to get home! Especially if I don’t know how to get home,” he said.
“Think, think. I remember that it's that way. No, that way! Oh, I don’t remember.”
Sammy felt lost and scared with all the trees around him. The jungle was dark, so the trees looked different and more haunting than in the daylight.
“Well, I’ll just go that way.” About two hours later he was only about nine feet from where he started. “Ugh, this is taking forever. I feel like I’ve been traveling for ages!”
Feeling even more miserable than before, Sammy decided to stop.
“I’m going to stop and sleep….”
In the morning when Sammy woke up, he thought for a moment. Then he remembered something. “Yes, a map! I need a map and I have a map!” Sammy had shoved his map in his fur. Things were always getting lost in his fur!
So he pulled out the map. “Yay, I know how to get home now!”
He climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed until he got home. Everybody was so happy when Sammy got home.
The End

The Park by Julio M., age 8

I like my neighbor because on Fridays, she takes me to the park and the name of the park is Master Kass. It is a really cool park. And when we press a button, a bike comes and you get to play with it, and a basketball comes with a hoop. I always make it in and my cousin says, “Come on!” I say, “Next time you will make it in,” and “Just keep on trying.”
It smells like when I was 3 years old. The color of the park is purple, blue, pink and red. And the color of the bike is blue and the color of the hoop is black and the color of the ball is orange.

My Neighborhood Looks Like a Jungle! by Kimberly R., Age 10

My neighborhood looks like I am in a jungle. It is a jungle with a lot of trees, grass, animals, and insects. Plus my brothers and sister and I play jungle. When I play jungle, I have fun and sometimes I will be the lion, tiger, or the tickle monster. When my little sister is the monster, she is funny and cute.