AUTHOR: Park Slope After-School Students  |  AGE 6-18

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Do Nothing by Renee R, age 14

A man wildly shoots at a crowd from a hotel room.
His mind twitches,
his finger twitches,
and fifty people are dead.
America has its moment of silence.
It's the “price of freedom,” after all.
The shooter is white.
But now nobody rushes to make travel bans.
Because race had nothing to do with what happened,
What happened:
People, running, screaming for their lives,
people throwing themselves over their loved ones
people wailing over the cold bodies of their
and America hunched over in mock pain, pretending
to care.
Because we will pray,
we will hope,
we will cry,
we will give it a moment in our thoughts,
but we will do

My Friend Blurp by Lauren L, age 9

When Blurp and I became BFFs, I asked him if he would like to come to my planet. He said yes! When we landed on Earth and were walking through the street, it was hard because it was so big and he kept falling over! I told him, “This is Brooklyn.”
“Wow! It’s huge!” he said.
“I know!” I said. On the way, I met some friends.
“WOW! Is that an alien?” Lucy said.
“Ewwww! It looks slimy,” said Naheda.
“Feel it! It’s actually normal skin,” I said. “All right! We better get going! Bye!” I said.
“Bye,” said Blurp.
“Wow. He can speak English!” both of my friends said at the same time.
“Yes!” Blurp and I said at the same time. When Blurp and I went inside, I introduced Blurp to my mom.
“Hello,” she said, kind of disgusted.
I could tell, so I said, “Why don’t you shake hands!” Very cautiously, Mom lifted up her hand to shake Blurp.
“This isn’t bad at all,” she said. When I asked Mom if we could go to the park, she said yes. I felt weird walking with Blurp because it looked like I was walking with my grandpa that had dumped green paint on himself. But it was still fun having him here instead of in space because we got to go to Times Square and he tried some new food and loved it! We also went to movie theater together. When it was time to start school again, Blurp and I would go to school together. Everyone was amazed that there was a real alien in the school.
Everyone was distracted at lunch by Blurp because he ate bubbles (lime-flavored bubbles). In class, everyone had their eyes on Blurp, including the teacher. Finally I spoke up and said, “Come on you guys. You haven’t even got one word done! Me and Blurp are almost done!” “Lauren’s right. I admit I have also been staring at Blurp,” admits our teacher.
Finally everybody is able to concentrate on their work, and that concludes our story!

Copyright by Jeffrey T, age 13

It’s time to go
So let’s get this poem
Over with
Just please write another
Few lines...
Come on!
Isaac, keep on going
Do the poem
The poem
Poem has to be
About your words
Not mine

I Am From the Moon by Monica D, age 14

I am unique
I am Monica
I am funny
I am fun
I am boring
I am bored 24/7
I am skinny
I am fat
I am nice
I am mean
I am not normal
I am everything
I am what people make of me and what I am
I am okay
I am unbelievable
I am mature

My Mom and My Dog by Itari F, age 9

What if my mom was a giant? She would be the queen. I would be her baby and my dog would look like a mouse. She would be a cute mouse.
My dog’s name is Cookie and in the dark she looks like a mouse. She is a Yorkie and her fur is soft. She has black fur and her eyes are brown, her mouth is tiny like a mouse. My mom loves her.

The Gorgeous Cheeto by Morgan H, age 9

In the land of Cheetopia there lived a cheeto so gorgeous that all the other cheetos would literally fall for her, and her name was Princess Elizabeth Puffs. Although she was beautiful and rich, she did not follow many rules that she was supposed to. She was not to be out of the castle exploring and getting dirty because she was soon to be a queen since her mother, Queen Lola Puffs, had passed away.
Well, that is what everyone thinks happened. Because she was not often following rules either, although she was a queen. But the main thing I’m trying to tell you is that one day a looong, long long time ago, Lola Puffs had gone out adventuring and had not returned. Since that day, everyone thought that she was dead. But I believe that she is still alive. My father tells me that she is gone but I don’t listen to him and I always go out adventuring to find her but I still haven’t found her yet.
“Oh no I have to go. Bye.”
“Yes father.”

The End, and To Be Continued.

I Am From by Isaac G, age 12

I am from this universe.
I am from the Milky Way Galaxy.
I am from the Sol Solar System.
I am from Planet Earth.
I am from North America.
I am from the USA.
I am from New York State.
I am from Brooklyn in NYC.
I am from Flatbush.
I am from a apartment 401 in my house, on the couch, playing games, except if I am standing and giving a speech here. In 826.

Winter by Jineen E, age 8

Winter, Winter
Winter, I love Winter
Winter is candy falling
From the sky
Winter is pumpkins falling
From the sky
Winter is girl vampires falling
From the sky
Winter is pencils
Falling from the sky
Flowers falling from the sky
Winter is garbage cans
Falling from the sky

Survive the Candy War by Julio V., age 10

There’s a place in my mind
where ideas can grow
into sprouts that turn into trees.

There’s a place in my mind
where no one can go
sometimes not even me.

For there is a key
to reach that place in my mind.
Sometimes I lose it
and it’s so hard to find.

But if I find that key
and turn it into the lock,
I reach that place
where ideas are in full stock.

Where the trees stand
lush and tall and green
and I can hear the birds
and feel the gentle breeze

In the place in my mind.

Pride by Martha G, age 14

I am proud of being a good student in class. Everyone in class says I’m very shy but also very, very nice. My teachers also say I’m very nice (even though they joke around and say I’m very mean and bully people) and compliment me for being a good student.
Most students in my class don’t always take the teacher seriously and they disrespect the teacher. But me, on the other hand, the teachers seem to like because I am nice and good.
I am also proud of being my parents’ daughter because they are really hardworking, and I want to work very hard as well to become someone important. Even though I’m not always good, many people might see me as a very nice person. But sometimes I am not that nice to my parents. Sometimes I disrespect them and talk back.
Sometimes I get really lazy and don’t want to do my homework, but some part of me always says, “Martha, don’t be lazy, and do your homework,” so I always end up doing it. My parents sometimes get mad at me for not wanting to do my homework because I’m watching YouTube or doing anything else that is not homework.
In school I’m always different. I’m a respectful and hardworking student because ever since I was little, my parents taught me to be a good person. I’m always a good person outside of my home, but at home I feel comfortable to be myself, get mad, laugh so loud, be happy, and act however I want to act. That’s how I am when I feel comfortable with who I am with.
Outside of my home, I always feel like I have to be a diligent student and get good grades, but actually it is hard to get good grades and get into a good school. Either way, I am proud of myself for trying.

If I Were President by Jackelin F, age 9

If I were president, I would make America a better place because I would let the immigrants stay. If Trump wins, I will destroy the wall that he wants to make.

BLM by Chelsea H, age 13

At an attempt at equality
Killing innocent people

It’s a game
Villainous game of life and death and no
Equality and
So much

True unkindness
To the people of the world
Equality not
Running in our streets

The Place in My Mind by Renee R, age 12

There’s a place in my mind
where ideas can grow
into sprouts that turn into trees.

There’s a place in my mind
where no one can go
sometimes not even me.

For there is a key
to reach that place in my mind.
Sometimes I lose it
and it’s so hard to find.

But if I find that key
and turn it into the lock,
I reach that place
where ideas are in full stock.

Where the trees stand
lush and tall and green
and I can hear the birds
and feel the gentle breeze

In the place in my mind.

Robot Apocalypse by Joshua R, age 10

Day One:
One sunny Sunday morning, I was walking down to the town mall. It was 5:10 pm. There was something very suspicious about the day. There were some people on the street. When I got to the mall, there was also something very weird. There were only 20 people, excluding me.

Day Two:
Now that it’s evening, there are fewer people on the street. All of a sudden, a robot ten feet tall was standing right in front of me. People started pouring out of their houses. I was thinking, “Where did the robots come from?” A man said, “Run, kid, run!” I was lucky to get away.

Day Three:
I built weapons and suits. I said out loud, “It feels like we’re the only people in the world.” I forgot to mention that my friends and family were with me.

Day Four:
We started to gain control over the robots. There were no people left in the world. We were really tired. We had to stay awake all night to protect ourselves.

Day Five:
We finally destroyed the robots and now we can live in peace. We built a new city and called it Book City.

The Bermuda Island Adventure by Aaron M, age 10

If I was playing hide-and-seek, I would go to Bermuda so no one could use GPS to find me. Gio is the seeker when we play with Aaron K. We make a robotic suit that has shields on every limb. If anyone tries to kill me with a laser, it will bounce back at them and will knock them out. No one can find me, but I won. I was in Bermuda for vacation, but I decided to stay forever.

Three months later, the robots found me. I put on the robotic suit I made. The robots are 30% smart and my suit can fly. I believe I can fly. I fly to a roof and the robots crash into a wall and say “ouch,” over and over again.

As I was fighting the robots, I turned my back on them and saw brussels sprouts everywhere. I said “Ewwww!” Apparently, the only food that grows in Bermuda is brussels sprouts. I would eat one every twelve hours, one in the morning at 10:00 am and one at 10:00 pm. I would eat two brussels sprouts a day for three weeks and my friend would eat none.

I would hang out with Cave Dog, who is a caveman. He would say, “We do not eat brussels sprouts!” and jump into the sea. “Me can’t swim,” he said. I just stood there in Bermuda.

I went home and fell asleep, then I felt something tingly on my finger. I hear someone calling my name, “Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, Aaron!” I say, “What happened?” When I look down, I see my dog is licking my finger.

I watched the news and saw that Donald Rump became the President of Bermuda. I left the country and swam as far away as possible. I finally said goodbye to Bermuda.

Recipe for LOL by Eddie L, age 9

a whole bag of sugar (500 grams)
a whole bag of salt (500 grams)
a whole bottle of apple juice (1,000 grams)

Pour the apple juice into a 15 inch bottle.
Pour the salt into the bottle.
Pour the sugar into the bottle.
Put a cap on the bottle and shake it around for 16 seconds.
Drink all by yourself.

WARNING: It will make you go crazy!

A Night at the Museum by Jeffrey T, age 11

If I were a mummy stuck living in the Museum of Natural History it would be very weird and maybe scary to be by myself in the dark. I might get out of my tomb and try to get out of the museum. I would be surprised if they thought I was a real mummy. But I’m just an 11-year-old kid. I might get out by telling the night guard that I am a kid in a costume that looks like a mummy. If that doesn’t work, I would be worried then I would wait until the day or I will call my mom and tell her that I am in the Museum of Natural History and call the police and tell them to get me out of there. If my mom doesn’t recognize me I will tell her things that she knows that I like to do. If that doesn’t work, I will tell her I like Pokemon and Star Wars. If that doesn’t work, then I will take off my costume and tell her my FULL NAME! If that doesn’t work, I am doomed!

Soda Cow!!! by Manal E, age 13

There is a new type of cow. It is a soda cow. This is the story of how it came to be. Once a farmer was so very tired that instead of giving the cow water, he gave it soda by accident! This cow was pregnant. When the calf came out it was red! When the farmer was collecting milk from it, soda came out. It was healthy soda. It was as healthy as milk.

People wanted to buy it. They came to see it every week. Soda cow was famous. Much later on, it got older. When she became pregnant, she died. The baby never made it. There has never been a soda cow again.