Write Away Workshops

Write Away Workshops

Young writers come together in Write Away Workshops to explore a multitude of genres and subjects and to develop their voices. Groups write freely and participate in imaginative writing activities and lessons. Whether it’s a song, a piece of climate justice sci-fi, or a nature guide, young writers leave the workshop with a piece to be proud of, as well as a newfound understanding of the topic, and new friends.


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It’s All Fun and Games

April 8 – May 6 • grades 1-3

Thursdays • 4:00-5:30 PM

Let’s explore storytelling in different genres with collaborative writing games! Together, we’ll play writing games and tell all kinds of stories: silly, serious, mysterious, and more. We might even mix it up: imagine a supervillain whose power is bad jokes, or a giant spaghetti monster who solves mysteries with a kitten friend! By the end of this workshop, we’ll have some short stories that will make you and everyone you know laugh, cry, and everything in between.


STEM IconHow to Do Anything

April 8 – May 6 • grades 4-5

Thursdays • 4:00-5:30 PM

April 5 – May 3 • grades 6-8

Mondays • 4:00-5:30 PM

People say you should write what you know and the truth is, YOU know a lot! Whether it’s the secret to the chewiest chocolate chip cookie, how to play Roblox, how to organize a neighborhood cleanup, or some other amazing skill, you know something other people would love to learn. Together we’ll explore how to share that knowledge. We’ll try our hands at how-to zines, poems, and listicles! By the end of this workshop, we will have a set of how-to guides as varied as our skills.



We prioritize students with financial need who qualify for the former free and reduced lunch program. For all other students, the workshop is $125.

This program will be virtual for the 2020-21 school year.