Write Away Workshops

Write Away Workshops

Young writers come together in Write Away Workshops to explore a multitude of genres and subjects and to develop their voices. Groups write freely and participate in imaginative writing activities and lessons. Whether it’s a song, a piece of climate justice sci-fi, or a nature guide, young writers leave the workshop with a piece to be proud of, as well as a newfound understanding of the topic, and new friends.


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Superhero Book Icon

Fantastic Stories and Where to Find Them

February 25 – March 25 • grades 1-3

Thursdays • 4:00-5:30 PM

What makes a place truly unique? What are the details that help you imagine where your favorite characters live and travel, from the colors of the houses to the smell of their favorite foods? In this workshop, we’ll learn all about world-building: that’s right, we’re going to create imaginary worlds from scratch! Whether it’s NYC in the year 2100, a planet made of cheese, or a country ruled by gophers, together we’ll write stories set in brand-new, never-before-seen places!


STEM IconThe Worlds of Tomorrow

February 25 – March 25 • grades 4-5

Thursdays • 4:00-5:30 PM

February 22 – Mach 22 • grades 6-8

Mondays • 4:00-5:30 PM

Science and technology are always growing and changing to solve society’s problems, from vaccines to wireless internet to solar power and electric cars! But what’s still missing — teleportation? Chocolate that gets rid of stomach aches? Movies where you can decide what the character does next? What new inventions can we imagine that will change the future for the better? In this workshop, we’ll explore the genre of utopian fiction to write a futuristic story where the technology of tomorrow solves the problems of the future!



We prioritize students with financial need who qualify for the former free and reduced lunch program. For all other students, the workshop is $125.

This program will be virtual for the 2020-21 school year.