About The Workshops Program

Workshops range from the playful to the practical and are taught by 826NYC’s cohort of professional Teaching Artists. Workshop payment is on a sliding scale after you sign up your child. Workshops are free for all currently registered After School Tutoring and In Schools students.

Please note: Due to a high interest in this program and our commitment to keeping class sizes small, workshop attendance is determined on a first-come, first-served basis.


Winter & Spring Schedule

Spring 2020 workshops take place at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.
372 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, 11215 | 
11:30 AM – 2:30 PM



Teenage Experience, Love, & Other Things We Can’t Shake
Mar. 7 • ages 12-18

Being a teen might be hard. But it’s also brimming with things to write about! In this workshop, we’ll explore teenagehood through love stories told in literature, music, and movies. How do you turn your experiences into a story? How do you draw on characters you already know? We’ll play with words, think about the things we love, and bring to life our own stories.

Write Your Own (W)robot
Mar. 21 • ages 6-11

You might not think creative writing and robots have much in common. But in this workshop, you’ll write an original story and watch it come to life! We’ll learn the elements of storytelling and how to create an exciting plot. Then, we’ll take our storytelling to the next level by creating robotic models of our characters!

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Registration for the below workshops will open the month before the program.

Graphic Novels: Draw Your Own Adventure!
April 4 • ages 6-11

Zines: DIY Meets Storytelling
April 25 • ages 12-18

Monologues: Speak From the Heart | Part 1
May 2 • ages 12-18

Monologues: Speak From the Heart | Part 2
May 16 • ages 12-18

Here and Forever Queer: A Pride Workshop for the LGBTQ Community
June 6 • ages 12-18

From Play to Playwright
June 13 • ages 6-11