October Volunteer of the Month: Arjun Durbhakula

October 6, 2021

We’re excited to introduce you to our October Volunteer of the Month, Arjun Durbhakula. Arjun joined us as a volunteer in 2020, supporting our middle school journalism program, Write All About It! Now, he’s having a blast in our Write Away Workshops. Check out his profile below.


826NYC: How did you first get involved with 826NYC, and why did you decide to volunteer?

Arjun: When I moved to NYC last year, I was eager to find ways to get involved in the community. Volunteering has always been something that I prioritized, and I’ve especially enjoyed working with kids. I’ve had prior experience teaching music to younger students, which made me realize the importance of surrounding students with positive influences as they learn and develop new skills. I love the people here and I’m grateful for the opportunity to offer my time and knowledge to help others.

826NYC: What’s your favorite part of 826NYC?

Arjun: My favorite part of 826NYC is probably the people. There’s something special about people coming together with the sole intention to do good, and make something great. The people who pursue volunteer opportunities like this one, are generally positive, open-minded, and inspiring people to be around. I love seeing everyone’s unique approach to interacting with students, and I can tell that they make the students feel involved and appreciated.

826NYC: What do you do when you’re not at 826NYC?

Arjun: I do a few different things. I just recently graduated from UCLA studying Cognitive Science w/ Computing. Here in NYC, I do creative consulting, I mine cryptocurrency, I model, I do college consulting, I make videos, and I like to meditate and ride bikes.

826NYC: What advice would you give to a new volunteer?

Arjun: Don’t be nervous or overthink it. Sometimes, if you haven’t worked with younger students before, it may require you to step out of your comfort zone a bit. Don’t worry, soon you’ll be over it, and you’ll be a better & more well-rounded version of yourself as a result! Nobody is judging you. This is an incredibly positive environment where people encourage and want the best for each other. Also, volunteering is incredibly rewarding.

826NYC: What are your superpowers?

Arjun: My superpowers are: having a good time, and being myself.


Visit our website for more information on upcoming volunteer orientations, news on 826NYC’s plans to return to in-person programming, and welcoming our volunteers back to the Secret Library!