How to Survive Fifth Grade

PUBLISHED: December 4, 2014

For anyone going to fifth grade remember have fun. Well there are steps to having fun.
1. Listen to teachers and sometimes friends if they are right.
2. Make new friends. It’s fun, I made a lot of new friends.
3. I know some people will disagree with this: stay real, even with the drama.
4. This has to do with number 3: don’t get in the drama.
5. Learn things before you go to school. When I went to third grade I already knew multiplication.
6. Now we are in the end, this is when the trouble starts. You’re going to think, “Oh I can slack, school’s almost over.” It’s the opposite. You have to work harder, tests are coming.
7. You’ve been studying like crazy, take a break, calm down, like omg you so cray-cray.
8. You’re almost done, tests are wrapping up like thank you god.
9. Tests are done. Have fun. Go hang out.
10. School’s over graduation! Go to a party, I know I did.
This was 10 facts to help you this year in 5th grade.

Written by Chelsea H.

Chelsea H.

AGE 11