AUTHOR: Trinity G.  |  AGE 15

Trinity G. is a sophomore and visited 826NYC for a Memoir Writing field trip in the spring of 2016. Her piece, "Gentle Horse," was selected for publication in the 826NYC Review, Issue No. 7.


Gentle Horse

Wake up to see my friend, my best friend! I would say,
“What fun we will have today!”
As I rushed to get ready,
Hopped on his back and stayed steady.
No matter how far we go,
We had each other six years ago.
Play until the sunset. Race as fast as a jet!
I loved my best friend every day
Until the day I had to give him away.
He was torn and old,
But he was still bold.
Will never forget my true friend.
Just want one day for him to come back again,
Just to see my Gentle Horse.