AUTHOR: Renee R.  |  AGE 12

Renee R. is in 8th grade. She spends her time in after-school tutoring reading the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe, discussing current events, and writing poetry.


My Persuasive Letter

Dear Liz,

I shouldn’t have to write a persuasive essay to anyone! First of all, we are already doing this in ELA class, so I find it unnecessary that I have to repeat it, as it is a waste of my time.
Also, rather than writing a letter, I could be doing my homework and even beginning to write the above-mentioned essay.
Furthermore, it seems unnecessary to write a letter because the recipient of the letter will never receive it or be persuaded, just like you, who will simply say that I still have to write a letter.
Thus, nothing useful comes out of this activity. Clearly, it is evident that writing a letter is a waste of time, and, therefore, shouldn’t be demanded.

Renée R.

The Place in My Mind

There’s a place in my mind
where ideas can grow
into sprouts that turn into trees.

There’s a place in my mind
where no one can go
sometimes not even me.

For there is a key
to reach that place in my mind.
Sometimes I lose it
and it’s so hard to find.

But if I find that key
and turn it into the lock,
I reach that place
where ideas are in full stock.

Where the trees stand
lush and tall and green
and I can hear the birds
and feel the gentle breeze

In the place in my mind.

A Book

Its pages flutter gently in the breeze
Printed words prance to and fro
The stories may choose to speak of war and suffering
And how to overcome their fatal blow

Or it might decide to whisper of happiness
And tales that shine stunningly bright
Ones that stay resilient
Through a dark and dreary night

Whatever the book may say
Is determined by the writer
Who picks up a pen, begins to think
And makes the world brighter

For the books they write speak of morals
That lead to good deeds
Or problems in society
Everyone should heed

So many great things are contained
Within the covers of a book
But with that greatness comes the crushing truth
Which is why humans scarcely bother to look

A Willow Tree

I looked outside
one stormy day
and right before my eyes
something beautiful lay

It danced as the cruel air
threw itself against its bark
It seemed to enjoy those winds
that were as vicious as a shark

As the wind attacked the dome of leaves
the tree resembled a thunderbird
that struggled against the clash of the skies
but would not let its problems be heard

Instead the tree puts on a smile
to hide all of the woe
for it cannot stop the harsh winds
but it can ignore its painful blow

So it stands bright and brilliant
as it gives off an aura of glee
So nobody knows the true struggles
of the mysterious willow tree

Gone with the Wind

If I were to star as a character in my favorite book, I would pick Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. I would star as Scarlett O’Hara, though I would definitely be different than her! I probably would be more of a feminist, less of a flirt, less melodramatic, educated, but still just as mentally strong as she is. Instead of mourning Ashley, I would be independent and wise. If I married Rhett (which I wouldn’t), it would be because I love him, not because of his money.


If I were to become a person from a book, I would be Josie, a girl from a short story I wrote called “Forbidden Love.” It takes place in the future, and people are placed into different groups because of their race. They are separated by an electric fence, and they are forbidden to communicate to each other. Being caught doing so means execution. Josie, the main character, is a curious 15 year-old Caucasian girl who wants to know what lies on the other side. So does Dante, an African boy of the same age. One day, they both walk to the fence to see if they can view the other groups, and they meet each other. They become friends and eventually fall in love. However, they must keep their relationship a secret, or else they face certain death. In the end, they are caught when the government decides to reinforce the laws by placing cameras near the fence. The two do not notice this and are found, but they manage to escape, and they travel beyond their dystopia to a different place.