AUTHOR: Liliana V.  |  AGE 10

Liliana V. is in 5th grade. She attends after-school tutoring in Park Slope where she loves making origami, playing Mancala, and reading good books.


In School!

In school, my thing to do is read. I love to read in school. I like to help my friends who need help. I read so many books in school.
My friends who need help are named Jared and Kenadryk. I help them with math.
I help them with math, but I help them with writing the most. That is how I get more friends and play more with my friends in school at lunchtime.


I found the coins outside someone’s fence.
I went to see them and there were English coins, French coins and more.
I liked the French coins because I want to learn French.

Weird in Mexico

I went to Mexico on summer vacation. I did not know what my grandma was saying because when she asked me to get something, I got the wrong thing! I only know a little bit of Spanish, but my dad came to help. When my grandma said something, my dad said it in English. When my grandma said something, I felt like I was in space and an alien was talking to me. When I woke up, the animals were so loud! My other grandmother had chicks and I wanted to hold one, but they ran away. They always ran away. After a few minutes, I caught one, and I felt happy.

Party in New Jersey

On Friday I went to New Jersey to see my cousin for her birthday. It was on Saturday the 27th. I had fun with my cousin. We played hide-and-seek and with Play-doh. Julie wore a purple dress. It was beautiful. I felt excited when the party started because I saw the cake. It was chocolate. I love chocolate cake. We slept there that night, but my dad did not come because he had work. I felt very sad when I left because I missed my cousin.

When we came back I ran to my dad with joy! We saved some chocolate cake for him, but he did not like chocolate cake so I ate it instead! :)