AUTHOR: Kimberly R.  |  AGE 10

Kimberly is in 5th grade and comes to Williamsburg for after-school tutoring. She is generous with her snacks, a dedicated writer and loves reading.


In the Kingdom

Kimberly has long hair and her favorite food is pepperoni pizza. I do not love dogs. I love kitties because kitties are cute. I have two twin brothers who are three years old. I have a sister who is two years old and I am eight years old, so I am the oldest. I love math and writing. Kimberly is going to read a lot of books. I like parties because parties are fun with my family. I like wales and i am the queen of wales under the sea. My kingdom and my castle is big. My castles has trees rocks and flowers and wales that are big and heavy. They live with me in my kingdom under the sea. There are fish and sharks and the sharks eat people. There is room in my castle that I share with the fish. They play tag in my castle and I cook spaghetti for them to eat with me and the fish are happy. The end.

My Favorite Memory

My favorite memory was from a vacation when I was seven years old. I went on a lot of trips with my mom’s friend. We went to Chuck E. Cheese’s three times and we also went to the movie theater to see The Boxtrolls. I drank soda! I went to the beach to play in the water and it was fun. I also ate a snow cone with strawberries. The snow cone was good and I was happy to go on these trips. I was happy at Chuck E. Cheese. I was so happy to see The Boxtrolls. And when I went to the beach, I was so happy. My friend and I jumped in the water and then we made sandcastles. I was so happy to jump in the water with my friend. At Chuck E. Cheese’s I ate pizza with soda. It was a good day. When I went to the movie theater with my cousin to watch Boxtrolls, my cousin and I drank soda with pizza and my mom stayed home with my brothers and sister. I was so happy to watch The Boxtrolls and my cousin was happy too.


My birthday is on July 14, 2015 and I am going to México and I am going to see my two grandmas and my two grandpas. I am also going to see my aúnt. I live in New York, and my mom called her mom and they got me a plane ticket. I am going to eat tacos with chicken and tortillas and drink water. I'm going to the beach to swim. I will help my grandma cook, and I will miss my mom and dad and my two brothers and one sister. I will help my grandma clean her house and ride on a horse. I have never ridden on a horse before. There will be chickens and dogs and snakes and pigs and little baby birds.

My grandma loves to cook. Her favorite thing to cook is rice with chicken. My favorite thing to do is play with my grandpa and my grandma. We like to play tag and play with the animals. The best animal is a horse.

My grandma always says, ¨DON'T OPEN THE DOOR¨ because a man can grab you and they can kill you.

My mom says, ¨Don't answer the telephone¨ because somebody can trick you.

My dad says the same thing as my mom.

I have two brothers and their names are Christopher and Christian. My two brothers are 4. And I have one sister and her name is Berenice. My sister is 3. The four of us like to play with our dad. We play tag.

My favorite things to do:

1. Reading. I want to be better at reading by practicing five minutes everyday
2. I like to read about Magic Bunny and I like to read about Abby.
3. I like gymnastics and basketball because you can play with the other teams.
4. I like ballet because I want to learn how to do it.
5. I like writing a lot because it is fun. My favorite things to write about are lions, tigers, koalas, monkeys, and pigs. I can write about koalas and bunnies.
6. And I like to go to the pool with my family to splash water. I can hold my breath for 1 minute.
7. I love to go on trips to the Queens Zoo and to the beach. I want to learn about all the animals at the zoo. I like to make sand castles at the beach.
8. I like to do my homework because I like math.
9. I like science because I learn about animals.
10. I like horses because one day I will ride a horse. If I had a horse, I would call it Abby.

My Favorite Fruit Is Orange

My favorite fruit is an orange. If somebody gives me an orange I will say thank you and it will be really good and also it is good for you. I like oranges and orange juices because it is is sweet and a little sour. You can find orange trees in the forest but not in a hot forest and it has to have water and the forest has to be warm. Some people like oranges.

The Museum Monsters

If I was trapped in the museum, I would see blue ghosts and green monsters and it would be so scary. Then I would run really fast so they do not catch me in the museum. It will be dark. Really really really really really really really really really really dark and scary. The door would be closed and there’s a secret door that nobody can see.

Animals that are Dangerous

Alyse gives me a helicopter to ride to see animals that are dangerous and the animals will be tigers, cheetahs, leopards, snow leopards, and black leopards. In the jungles of Africa, China, Alaska and cold places, there are animals.
I am flying over the river to see the animals. The helicopter is big. If you go close to the dangerous animals they roar or scratch and run after you.
In the jungle there are lots of trees. On the ground there’s grass. I am alone in the helicopter.
I am a little bit scared when I look down, but I like it. I land my helicopter and then I see tigers that are a mom and a dad. The mom has a baby tiger and the tiger lets me touch the baby and the baby is cute.

Presents Day

Presents Day is about people giving presents to each people and nice cute animals or your pets. Presents Day is on December 14. I will give presents to a puppy that belongs to my mom’s friend. I will get a tablet or a dollhouse with dolls. The people that would give me it will be my mom and dad. I will be happy about my present.

My Neighborhood Looks Like a Jungle!

My neighborhood looks like I am in a jungle. It is a jungle with a lot of trees, grass, animals, and insects. Plus my brothers and sister and I play jungle. When I play jungle, I have fun and sometimes I will be the lion, tiger, or the tickle monster. When my little sister is the monster, she is funny and cute.