AUTHOR: Jineen E.  |  AGE 8

Jineen E. is in 3rd grade. She attends after-school tutoring in Park Slope where she loves writing poetry, reading with friends, and imagining what it would be like to have her own pet fox.



Winter, Winter
Winter, I love Winter
Winter is candy falling
From the sky
Winter is pumpkins falling
From the sky
Winter is girl vampires falling
From the sky
Winter is pencils
Falling from the sky
Flowers falling from the sky
Winter is garbage cans
Falling from the sky

Fish Fish

Fish, fish, I love fish.
The gulp-gulp sounds like rain falling from the sky.
Fish, fish, I love fish.
I would name the animal fish Sara and I would have it as my pet forever. And if it died I would buy a new fish and name it the same name. Sara and I would have lots of fish and they would all be named Sara.
And if I were a fish I would be named Sara as well. And the color would be pink gold.

My Little Pet Fox

I would open the box to see what’s inside. If it is a fox, and the fox is friendly, I would have the fox be my pet. If my family lets me, or even if they don’t, I would hide the fox in my bedroom. I would play tag and hide-and-seek and go to school with her. I would say “Wooooo!” with her. I would feel happy.