AUTHOR: Jackelin F.  |  AGE 9

Jackelin F. is in 4th grade and attends after-school tutoring in Park Slope. She loves spending time with her big family (especially her cousins Monica and Fernando, who also come to 826NYC), drawing, and finding new books to read.


If I Were President

If I were president, I would make America a better place because I would let the immigrants stay. If Trump wins, I will destroy the wall that he wants to make.

Happy Halloween

One day, a crocodile was walking through the swamp then he saw another crocodile with a Halloween costume. It was crazy, a vampire with red teeth and pink blood!
Then another crocodile said, “Where’s YOUR halloween costume?”
“Today’s Halloween?” asked the first crocodile.
“Yes,” said the other crocodile.
“Oh my gosh, I have to change!” said the first crocodile.
When he came back with a football player costume, they went to trick or treat together.

The end.

Three Things You Need to Know

The three things that my friends need to know is that I have glasses, long hair, and lots of cousins. For example, Monica and Fernando are two of my cousins. They are special to me because they are kind to me and respect me.

I also like to play with my laptop and iPad. I have a little sister named Catherin and I play with her when I don’t have homework. My mom stays home, so she can pick me up when my after-school program is over. My dad works in a bakery and my uncles work in a car wash. I like to do math and art, too. I like to plant in the garden. My favorite things to plant are carrots and lettuce.