AUTHOR: Halei A.  |  AGE 16

Caring and indecisive
Lover of helping children in the future, writing, and music
Who believed in peace and love
Who wanted to travel all over the world, become a teacher of children with disabilities, and to make the world a better place
Who used writing as an escape and art as an expression
Who gave thoughtful conversations
Who said, “You have to reach out for your dreams. They won’t be handed to you.”


For Some

While for some kids coming out as being gay or lesbian to their parents is easy, for me it was much harder. I knew my parents would always accept me as their daughter, but it was the fear of hearing what they had to say. Before telling my parents, I had to actually find myself first. Finding myself took time; it was an actual thought process. I went through the process of thinking, Is this actually how I feel, or is it just a phase? I knew I felt this sort of attraction toward girls when I started developing a huge crush on my best friend.
As months went by, I soon developed the courage to tell my parents. Unfortunately, I didn't choose the best way of telling them. I remember it was a Wednesday in mid-April, and I was sitting on the couch debating whether or not to tell my parents. My hands began to shake, and tears streamed down my face as I started a “group chat” via text with my mom and dad. I don’t exactly remember what I said, but it was somewhere along the words of “I like girls.”
As my phone began to ring, it was my mom. She simply said, “Halei, what’s going on?”
All I replied was, “I’m sorry.”
She replied, “We’ll talk when I get home.”
My dad just said, “It's okay; I love you either way.”
When my mom came home, she looked at me for a while and said, “You know I love you, right?” then gave me a hug and kiss.