AUTHOR: Denisse R.  |  AGE 9

Denisse R. is in 5th grade and attends after-school tutoring in Park Slope. She loves reading graphic novels, making cards for every occasion, and her little brother.



Cookies, I love cookies. When I was five years old, my first taste was at the bakery. I took a bite, and I went crazy because of all the sugar.
I had lots of energy and it was delicious. There are many types of cookies. For example, there are cookies with sprinkles, chocolate chip cookies, and Mexican cookies. Mexican cookies are cookies that Mexican people make when it is the Day of the Dead. They are made with sprinkles, flour, water, and much more sugar.
You can also make cookies at home. Christmas cookies are good because they are very yummy and they have frosting.

Governor's Island

Yesterday I went to Governor’s Island and it was so much fun. First we went on the ferry. It was windy so my hair started going crazy. Then we started moving and we arrived at Governor’s Island. Then we went to the park. We had a picnic and then I went to the camp. I bent my friend’s finger, but I helped her. Then I went on the swings with Gabby and Abby. Gabby pushed us. Then we went on the climbing wall and when I went up, I saw the view.
After, we ate. We went biking and I was pedaling and pedaling. Then we went on the trail. While we were waiting for the ferry, we played truth or dare. Then we went on the ferry, we came back and we played on the sand park. We went up a tower and up, up, up, up, up then we went down the slide. We then went to another slide. Then we went to the sand park so my brother could play. After that we went to the bus and we went home. I had so much fun on Governor’s Island.

Smiles and Sisters

My favorite books are Smile and Sisters. In the first book, there is a girl named Raina who has to get braces. Raina is also in the second book with her sister. I really like her books because they are graphic novels. I love graphic novels because there are pictures instead of words. The pictures are colorful and you don’t have to make a picture in your mind, because they’re already there.

Going to Fraunces Tavern

Today I went on a trip to Fraunces Tavern! I went on the bus. When I went inside I saw a painting of George Washington and two golden guns. Then I went to a room and in the room there were different flags like the USA flag, the British flag, and more. We saw Samuel Fraunces, and he was an important man who kept valuable documents.

We saw a long room, and in the long room I saw two big guns and two blue coats. I saw two little boxes under the table and they keep your feet warm. Then we went to another room and there were sketches and a dining room. Next we went to a room and there were maps and we got to touch some objects. I didn’t know what object I had. I thought I had a metal shoe and I was correct. Later we went back to school. I didn’t want to leave the museum because it was so interesting.