AUTHOR: Daniela A.  |  AGE 6

Daniela is in 2nd grade. She loves her dog Chico, eating ice cream, and playing with her family. She attends after-school tutoring in the Williamsburg Public Library.



I like butterflies.
So, I would make caterpillars disappear, because I want more butterflies.
Caterpillars are not pretty.
They should disappear.
I only like pretty things.

My Happy Dog

I care about my dog. My puppy is super cute.
One person said, “I don’t like this dog.” And my dog was crying.
I said, “That’s not nice.” And my dog ran away from my house.
I said, “Stop Chico!” And I was crying. I thought my mom was home but she wasn’t and I was sad.
My grandpa found him and took him home. My dog was super happy again playing at the pool. He’s so cute in the pool.

Ms. Bob and Her Baby

My name is Bob but I am a girl. I have a beard and a baby.

She is grounded and Bob is sad. Boo is Bob’s baby, and she is crying!