AUTHOR: Anthony A.  |  AGE 9

Anthony is in 5th grade. He loves soccer, drawing, and video games. He has a younger sister, Daniela, who is also at 826NYC after-school tutoring in Williamsburg!
Daniela A.


The Evil Magician That I Battled

If the magician turned me into slime, I would kill him with a booty bazooka. That’s a bazooka that looks like a butt missile and is painted white. I would fill my gun with rocks painted like poop and shoot at him. He looks like a half donkey and half butt. He is dumb and he smells like stinky cheese.
He wanted to turn me into slime because I wasn’t paying attention to him. I went to his funeral and I said, “Sorry.”
His funeral was not sad because he was evil, and his friends didn’t cry because he was evil.